This species has greenish legs and a short, thin, dark bill.

The Least Sandpiper is brown with streaks and a line for an eyebrow. The head is dark and the colors change a bit during the season. The young Sandpipers have bright colors and white stripes. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between ‘peeps’ and ‘stints.’  There is a breed in Asia that is very similar.

The birds are 13-15 cm long and weigh 20-30 grams. The wings are 28 cm or about 10.5 ounces. They nest on the ground and typically lay four eggs in the sand. The babies are up and flying in ten days!

The Sandpiper migrates extensively from the Gulf Coast down throw Mexico and Central America. They can even be found in the Caribbean. You’ll see them on the beach or swampy areas where they eat all sorts of critters from insects to snails to small crabs.

Least Sandpiper