Of course, the Brown Pelican is part of the pelican family who range throughout the Americas.  On any day, Brown Pelicans can be spotted in great numbers just off the beach cruising up and down in small flocks fishing at their leisure.  They’re quite large with wings spreading six feet and our expert divers with exceptional eyesight.  If one mediates on them for a while it is seen that the birds rarely dive, they mostly just glide.  Then, quite suddenly, one will dive for a fish with wings full back in dive mode.  Invariably the avian surfaces and takes flight with a meal fluttering in its’ beak.

Pelicans will eat fresh fish and also frogs, crabs, eggs of other birds and more.  They nest around Galveston Island in the dunes and lagoons.  They’re everywhere if you take time to explore just before sun up.  The Brown Pelican is the national bird of several Caribbean nations and the State Bird of Louisiana. The Brown Pelican can be found gracing the flags of more than a handful of nations and states.  They suffered horribly from the pesticide DDT in the middle part of the 20th century but, thanks to strict regulations, have made a robust return