[Correction: We were misled doing our ‘research’ on the web and erroneously reported that Beavers do, in fact, inhabit Galveston Island, TX.  This isn’t true.  Our scouts have returned from all points local and reported exactly ZERO beaver dams.  Oops]

Galveston Beavers are so cute!  They are rodents, just like rats but with way bigger teeth!

Adult beavers weigh up to 80 pounds but are usually spotted at night.  You can hear them vocalizing and banging their tails on the water.  One Beaver over 100 pounds has been documented. They are able to stay submerged for significant lengths of time and their lodges are only accessible through underwater entrances.  The hind feet are bigger than the front and their fur is luxuriant, so much so that they were hunted to near extinction in many locales.

Their tales have scales and almost no hair.  Underwater rats with scales! Mother Nature can be so creative. When in danger, beavers will bang their tails on the water to warn their friends and try and scare off the intruders.

The teeth are remarkable as they grow continuously and are naturally sharpened by chewing on wood.